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History and Legacy…

Since 2005, Covenant Builders Ministries has been assigned by God to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ from the top of the world to the bottom and all the way around — without compromise. Our Founder was commissioned to be a beacon in the city of Orlando, Florida, and get the message out that Jesus is LORD. 

The Vision...

As we endeavor in our vision for 2021, we are relocating to a building that is 10,325 sq ft., with this property the ministry will be able to function at its highest level to meet the needs of the people and the community. The building holds a 250-seater sanctuary and have multiple classrooms and offices. Covenant Builders Ministries will be able to hold services, but also our vision is to serve as a beacon in the community. With the multiple classrooms, we will be able to continue to hold monthly classes that will teach life skills to young mothers, classes that will help men to be better fathers, husbands, and men of value, and lastly holding activities to develop the kids and young adults in the community.

Covenant Builders Ministries motto is “Changing Lives One Step At A Time”

We Are “ALL IN” ….

Project Count Me In is a 12-month initiative with one primary objective, to offset the monthly expenses, without accumulating new debt.

Our goal is to raise $50,000 dollars. With our New Facility, we will have to remodel areas inside the building as well on the outside, such as new carpets, painting, and the furnishing and purchasing of new equipment. Also, with Higher Dimension of Learning Academy beginning in the Fall of 2021/2022, which will need the most financial obligations in the remodeling of the classrooms, purchasing furnisher and materials that will allow the school to function properly.

We stand on the shoulders of our Founder, who believed in doing everything in excellence, but also debt free Romans 13:8. This 12-month initiative is to help the ministry not go into its resources, but to enhance its resources.

How To Participant.

Join us starting Sunday, May 23rd, by pledging to give within the levels that you can choose to contribute below. Each individual that contributes towards this project will receive a Count Me In Wristband. This wristband will be a sign that you are in partnership with Covenant Builders Ministries. Also, you will receive two special confession to be confessed daily for CBM, and for your personal lives.

Pledge Levels:

Key Holders – This is our catalyst group that will pledge to contribute between $8,000 - $10,000 in a year. Your monthly contribution will be between $666.66 - $833.33 monthly. We are seeking for a minimum of (3) individuals.

* Once the pledge is completed you will receive a plaque.

Robe Holder – This is our hold barriers group that will pledge to contribute $5,000 in a year. Your monthly contribution will be $416.67 per month. We are looking for (10) persons to contribute $5,000, within the 12-months timespan.

* Once the pledge is completed you will receive a special gift.

Faith Holder – This is our faith walkers that will pledge to contribute $2,052.00, within the 12-month timespan. Your monthly contribution will be $171.00. We are looking for (25) persons that will contribute.

*Once the pledge is completed you will receive a special gift.

Everyone is encouraged to contribute rather it is greater than, less than, or equal to the contribution levels. This is an ALL INclusive initiative, and Covenant Builders cannot be who or what it is without all of you or without 100% participation in this initiative.

Covenant Builders cannot be who or what it is without total commitment, without community, or without you!

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